Although these magnetic balls have already been recalled in 2014, there are likely still thousands in the US.  These magnetic balls are designed to entertain people as they can build things with them like blocks or legos.  They are meant for older kids or as desk ornaments in an office.  The problem is that kids often mistake these balls with candy and they ingest them.  What happens next is terrible.  According to this article, the balls will ALWAYS find each other in the body and their magnetic attraction is strong enough to cut off blood flow.

Over 1700 kids have gone to the hospital after swallowing these magnets.

“It wasn’t just Megan. It was Sarah, 12, in California who ate four balls; Payton, 3, in Oregon who ate 37 balls; Christin, 14, in Florida who ate two, just to name a few. All of these kids had to have the magnets surgically removed from their bodies.”