The miss bimbo game is a video game that allows its mostly female audience to progress a “bimbo” through life while performing certain tasks to increase their bimbo attitude and grow IQ point.  Players take part in fashion duels, try to get boyfriends and even get plastic surgery including breast implants.

The site is currently down, but if you visit the site it does say that it will be coming soon so keep an eye out for the site as it focus on stereotypical body image, may not be something you want to encourage in young girls.

From Wikipedia…


The site was criticized in much media coverage as promoting the use of cosmetic surgery and crash dieting, encouraging potentially pre-teen players to pursue an ‘ideal’ body image through such measures as the key to success

Jacquart has said that he is working on ways to expand the site and reach out to the media to explain why 75,000 people per day log into the site “without any marketing or ads on the site at all. We have some ideas for new brands, we want to expand Miss Bimbo with social networks.”. Defenders of the game claim that the criticism is unfair and out of proportion.

Site closure

Traffic to redirects to, which is scheduled to launch on March 1, 2015. Blighty Ltd., the company which owns Miss Bimbo, still has Miss Bimbo on its portfolio list of sites as of February 2015.

There is currently an alternative website called Like A Fashionista, owned by Beemoov, which is almost identical to the former Miss Bimbo website.