There was a recent article about this App in the Washington Post because the app allows kids to post anonymously “their deepest anxieties, secret crushes, vulgar assessments of their classmates and even violent threats, all without adults being able to look in.”

Designed to be only available to teenagers, many parents and school admins are unaware of it.

“After School has in some cases become a vehicle for bullying, crude observations and alleged criminal activity, all under a cloak of secrecy. Similar to Yik Yak — an open app that has become popular on college campuses — After School allows teens to post comments and images on message boards associated with individual high school campuses but carries nothing identifying the students who post there.”

The Shelbyville, IN Police department listed a notice regarding the app recently on their Facebook page to warn parents as well.

Please visit the below story for more info and make sure you talk about the dangers of the app with your kids!

Washington Post Story