CarefulParents co-founder image was created as a result of the founder, John Michels, watching news coverage of the Slenderman Trials in Wisconsin.  The Slenderman trials surround the stabbing of a young girl due to the influence of a fictional online character called the Slenderman. John thought, “How can parents stay informed about what their children are doing and being exposed to?”

“Sure, parents can Google anything and find information, but what if you don’t know what to look for?”

This is when the idea for was born. John partnered with Tim Sabens, a technology professional, to create and produce a unique website where parents become the content contributors and consumers. We achieved our goal in August of 2015 to create a web presence where parents can share important information, research, comment, and educate themselves on the world their children are living in as well as the dangers surrounding them. is a community of parents interested in promoting the safety of children.  We welcome you to join us in our quest.

John Michels, Founder
CarefulParents co-founder image
Tim Sabens, Co-Founder