You may have seen the commercials on YouTube or even on TV, but 5 Gum has a new ad campaign that has some parents complaining.

Each stick of gum in the pack comes with a truth or dare challenge and while most of the challenges are harmless, many could be interpreted any number of ways.  At the end of the challenge the participants are supposed to share their challenge on social media with “#5TruthOrDare”.

For example, one CarefulParents member informed me that one of the challenges says, “Take an inappropriate picture and share it on Twitter”.  Certainly this could end up being harmless, but kids being kids, who knows what may happen.

In addition, many of the dares could be quit dangerous in nature as seen on many of the commercials.

There is a disclaimer within the commercials stating “Do Not Attempt”, but really, how much impact will that have on the decisions of children.

The below link does lead to the YouTube page where you can check out the commercials for yourself and make a decision on whether or not this concerns you as a parent.  Either way, we want to know what you think!  Comment below and tell us if this campaign is appropriate.