There are apps (i.e. App Certain) that will notify parents each time your children download and app. They can give you a summary of the app downloaded and some are free. Some can also provide you with a monthly summary of your kid’s texting, phone, and browser activity (Mobile Watchdog).

I know Verizon has a Family Plan that allows you to control the content to each phone and is only $4.99/month.

App Certain

Cost: Free

App Certain will email parents when their child downloads a new app, and will provide an analysis about that app like if the app has expensive in-app purchases or accesses your contact list. Parents can also utilize a “curfew mode” which gives the remote access ability to turn off their children’s access to their apps and games.

Norton Family Parental Control

Cost: Free ($50 option)

The free version allows users to see which websites their kids are visiting from their computer or mobile device and allows parents to block specific sites. Users also can receive a 7-day history of their child’s online activities. For parents worried about cyber bullying, the paid version installs on all computers in the home and android phone users can see their child’s text messages.

K-9 Browser

Cost: Free

K-9 Browser is a top-rated browser that individuals can use instead of the Internet Browser that comes with a phone service. The app will block adult content. It’s available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android and desktop computer.

Mobile Watchdog

Cost: $5 per month

Mobile Watchdog allows users to monitor all cell phone activity on Android devices — text messaging, application use, and browsing use. The app will send you an email of a child’s mobile phone activity.

Net Nanny

Cost: Apple: $4.99; Net Nanny social: $20; Android: $12.99

Net Nanny has mobile monitoring services for Android and Apple that will help block adult content. It also offers Net Nanny Social which allows their software to screen for cyber bullying or unsafe activity. If anything unsafe is detected, parents receive an alert. Parents can also login and see all social media activity in a dashboard.