Below is an article from the Daily Mail about two girls feared to have gone missing due to a Facebook Challenge known as the “48 Hour Challenge”.  This challenge encourages children to disappear for 48 hours obviously causing concern and chaos within their families.

We have done a little research on this new “trend” and found that while it does appear to be real, there have been almost no cases of anyone actually taking part in it. lists this challenge (although they call it the “72 hour challenge”) as false and we have also included a link at the bottom to a article confirming that the challenge exists but that it is not clear that anyone is actually taking part.

Let us know what you think.  Is this fake news or a real danger?

“Parents of two Texas sixth graders who went missing on Tuesday believe that the girls were inspired by a viral Facebook ‘game’ that convinces teens to run away from home for 48 hours.

Mary Tran Le, 13, and Tianny Granja, 12, went missing at approximately 7.30am on Tuesday while they were near Wilcrest Dive and Beechnut Street. Both girls are sixth graders at Owens Middle School and they are described as being best friends.

And while the girls never boarded their school bus, family members are hoping that the two are just taking part in the controversial challenge and not in more danger.

‘They were talking about the challenge the other day,’ Dayanna Gomez, Tianny’s mother, explained to the Daily Beast. ‘I just want to find my daughter, and I hope she is just hiding and not in danger.’

The 48-hour Challenge encourages teens to go ‘fake missing’ for two days, gaining ‘points’ with mention made about their disappearance on social media,

Both girls’ cellphones were turned off and an administrator called Tianny’s parents after she failed to show.

‘It is the school protocol to call the parents when children don’t show up for school in the morning,’ a spokesperson for the school said. ‘That’s what we did on Tuesday morning.’

KHOU reports that a friend of the girls approached administrators and handed them a note that said that the friends had been abducted.

‘We don’t know where this is going to end,’ Gomez stated. ‘I just want people to share the flyers that are out. Time is critical. They could be doing anything to them.’

Mary said to be 4’11’, weighing approximately 65 pounds. She has black hair with brown tips and her ears are pierced. Mary also has brown eyes.

Tianny weighs close to 120lbs and is described as being 5’3′. She has brown hair with red tips. The girl also has brown eyes.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the girls are asked to contact HPD Missing Persons at (832) 394-1816.”