Under the category of what the heck is wrong with kids today?  Comes the “No Lackin'” Challenge.

Below is some information on the now viral challenge as well as a story about a child that was recently shot in the face playing the idiotic game…

From Knowyourmeme.com:


No Lackin Challenge is a video fad in which people film themselves brandishing firearms and pointing the weapons at unsuspecting victims to provoke them into displaying a firearm in return. The game is meant as a way to test the readiness of people who are living in high crime areas.


According to the HipWiki,[5] the slang expression “no lackin” was initially popularized among Chicago gang members. On June 13th, 2012, rapper Lil Mister released a song titled “No Lackin”

On August 15th, 2014, Urban Dictionary[4] user Been Krill submitted an entry for “No Lackin,” defining the term as “Not having a firearm on you” (shown below, left). The exact origin of the “No Lackin” challenge is unknown. The earliest known example was uploaded by YouTuber Chase BanzVIDEOS in a video titled “Never Get Caught Lacking in Chicago ‘Challenge'” on September 11th, 2017.


On October 4th, 2017, YouTuber Robert Michael uploaded a compilation of No Lackin Challenge videos (shown below). On October 7th, YouTuber King Bamm uploaded a parody video in which he walks in on somebody in the bathroom with a firearm.


On January 25th, 2018, 21-year-old Sherman Lackland (shown below) shot a 17-year-old in the head while playing the challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.[3] On January 27th, a thread about the challenge which mentioned the shooting was submitted to the Kiwi Farms[2] forum, which gathered upwards of 30 replies in 24 hours. On January 28th, The Daily Mail[1] published an article reporting that the 17-year-old boy remained in critical condition “fighting for his life.”

Additional news story from Dailymail.com:

A 17-year-old Texas boy is accused of shooting his friend in the face while playing a game that has gone viral on social media.

Raul Garcia Jr. called 911 just after 5.30 on Sunday to report his friend had been shot and he was driving him to hospital. Garcia and his victim, a 16-year-old boy, had been playing ‘You Lackin’, police say.

In the game, one person points a gun at the other and asks ‘You Lackin?’ The other person in turn pulls a gun out, points it back and says ‘No’.

A statement from Grimes County Police says after the shooting, Garcia threw his weapon out of the car.

Garcia and his friend are alleged to have received the guns after trading marijuana for them.

Investigator Kindale Pittman told KBTX the gun discharged because of changed road conditions.

‘A bump at the time they were playing this game, they hit the bump in the railroad tracks at that point the firearm had discharged and struck the victim in the face,’ said Pittman.

When the pair arrived at hospital, the victim was taken in for urgent medical treatment, and Garcia was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim was last listed in a stable condition at the Hunstville hospital he is being treated in, and Garcia was released on a $3,000 bond on Tuesday afternoon.

His charge is a second degree felony, and he could be facing between two and 20 years jail, as well as a fine not exceeding $10,000.

On the same day he was released, a boy claiming to be Garcia commented on the police media report saying he and his friends were being ‘dumb asses’ and he did not fire the gun on purpose.

‘We both had a gun pointed to each other… It could of gone any way,’ he told other commenters.